Sunday, August 9, 2009

Also, they tell me stories about burlesque dancers

As you might imagine, I have a hard time asserting authority over people who are older than me. This can prove to be a problem when I stage manage; specifically when I stage manage community-theatre gentry with overblown senses of entitlement (whoops). When I'm working with, say, post-grad opera singers... not so much of a problem.

Maybe I go into it assuming that I won't be seen as an adult, and that shows. I focus on paperwork and keep my distance. Socially, I mean. It's probably unnecessary, but most of the designers and directors I'm working with are quite a bit older, and most of the actors, too. So I compensate for my age.

But this week has been a big victory. I've been house managing for the Banyan Theatre, and all of my ushers are considerably older than I am. And I'm having no problem at all asserting my authority. See, these ushers are much older than I am. The age dynamic wouldn't be much different if I was thirty. I'd still be a kid to them. And so I'm not worried. And it's working; these ushers are all kittens. They do what I tell them to do and at the end of the night, they thank me.

Grown-up Points +1

PS: All of my posts end with "Read More!". There's nothing indicating why in the html or the 'compose' screen. I don't know.

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