Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You'd think that I'd be capable of keeping a blog up, especially when I've had little else to do. I guess because I wasn't doing much, I didn't have much to blog. Or is it 'to blog about'?

But I am about to make a big step toward growing up. In ten days, I'm moving to Chicago. I won't have my own place for a little while, so I'm not that grown up. But I have every intention of finding a job, getting a place, and making my fortune out in the big world. Chicago has never been my dream - I've been burned by the Midwest before. But I have a network of friends and family there, and the other cities that I would consider moving to - Los Angeles and Boston - are prohibitively expensive. So hey, I'm being practical. More grownup points.

I have to succeed in Chicago. I will succeed. I will find a good job- or at least one that brings me enough money to live in Chicago. I will find an apartment and convert it into a swinging bachelor pad, where I shall woo all the single ladies, who will proceed to put their hands up.

Grown-Up Points:
Moving away from home town: +3
Choosing a practical destination: +2
Retaining a gleeful fascination with Beyonce: -1

Current Standing: 5
Not bad.

1 comment:

  1. You're gonna own that city, lady. But it still sucks. We don't see each other often, but I'm sad that you're gonna be moving so far away again. You've just given me one more reason to hate Chicago.